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2015.03.03 News from the AAE

The AAE is proud to announce two publications: a “Report on key issues for setting up national pension tracking services in six EU countries” and published a “Survey of Decumulation Regimes”.

The report (AAE Tracking Services) and the survey (AAE Decumulation Report) are attached as well as the corresponding press releases (AAE Tracking Services Press Release, AAE Decumulation Press Release).

All documents mentioned can also be downloaded from our website

2015.02.26 Új Álláshirdetés (Aktuárius biztosítási elemző)

A ’Társaság / Álláshirdetések’ oldalunkra új álláshirdetés került fel. Az oldal elérhető itt.

2015.02.17 Akkreditált rendezvény

A ’Rendezvények/ Akkreditált rendezvények’ oldalunkra új akkreditált rendezvény került fel. Az oldal elérhető itt

2015.02.17. EAA Seminar “How to Set Up an Effective ORSA Process?” on 11/12 June 2015 in Milan

In cooperation with the Istituto Italiano degli Attuari, the EAA is offering the seminar “How to Set Up an Effective ORSA Process? – A Case Study for a Company Using the Standard Formula” on 11/12 June 2015 in Milan, Italy.

Capital and Risk management has always been a key activity for both Life/Health and Property & Casualty (i.e. Non-Life) Insurance companies and Groups. The new risk based regulations under Solvency II lead to new and more formal challenges in this area: This includes a much more formal risk management approach and the need for conducting an “Own Risk & Solvency Assessment” or the so called FLAOR. This seminar is an advanced seminar and is set up as a case study for companies who plan to fulfil the Solvency II Pillar 2 requirements with a standard formula. A good understanding of the standard formula approach and the basics of ORSA are required.

Based on a practical example, participants of this seminar/case study will learn how to solve key issues related to the ORSA and Enterprise Risk Management using a standard formula approach. Key focus will be given on how to assess the suitability of the standard formula and how to arrive to an overall solvency need (using combined quantitative and qualitative methods). How this overall solvency need can be used for setting up the risk strategy, defining risk appetite and limits and how the link to the business and strategy planning process can be practically achieved are other key questions to be solved in this course. The case study is based on the standard formula.

Register now and benefit from our attractive early-bird rate, which is € 790.00 plus 22% VAT until 11 April 2015! After this date, the fee will be € 970.00 plus 22% VAT.

Please find additional information attached and on our website incl. an online registration form. An overview on upcoming events is enclosed as well.

2015.02.17. Huszár Géza emlékest

A 2015. február 21-i Huszár Géza emlékest meghívója az alábbi linken érhető el.