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2018.08.10. Új álláshirdetés (Junior Quantitative Analyst / Modeller, Actuary / Senior Actuary)

A ’Társaság / Álláshirdetések’ oldalunkra új álláshirdetések kerültek fel. Az oldal elérhető itt.

2018.08.10. MATinee 2018 Meghívó, Program

A 2018. évi MATinee programja és meghívója megtalálható a Rendezvények>MAT szervezés>MATinne menüpont alatt. Az oldal elérhető itt.

Meghívó Program

2018.07.30. EIOPA examines causes of insurers’ failures and near misses

Today, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published a report on “Failures and near misses in insurance: Overview of the causes and early identification” to enhance the understanding of the causes of insurers’ failures and near misses.

The financial crisis put a substantial amount of insurance undertakings and groups under severe financial distress. Although the majority of troubled in­stitutions were banks, several insurers were also affected. Among other rea­sons, this was attributable to inappro­priate investment decisions by insur­ers, which led to significant losses, the interconnectedness with banks or, in general, evidence of poor governance.

This report is the first of a series aimed at enhancing supervisory knowledge of the prevention and management of insurance failures. The findings are based on information contained in EIOPA’s database of failures and near misses. The database was commenced in 2014, covering the period from 1999 to 2016 and gathering sample data of 180 affected insurance undertakings in 31 European countries.

In the first part of the report the framework underlying the concepts of “failure” and “near miss” and the construction process of EIOPA’s database are explained, followed by an overview of the stylised facts and statistics. The focus of the report is, however, the examination of the causes of failure in insurance, as well as the assessment of the reported early identification signals.

The report is available via EIOPA’s Website.

2018.07.16. Új álláshirdetés (Aktuárius/Vezető aktuárius)

A ’Társaság / Álláshirdetések’ oldalunkra új álláshirdetés került fel. Az oldal elérhető itt.

2018.07.10. ASTIN Section of the IAA

As you are probably aware, we have recently launched a promotional campaign to raise ASTIN brand awareness. Here are some promotional materials that were recently presented at the ICA in Berlin:

2017/2018 Annual Report:
ASTIN Promo Video:

This annual report is a special edition as it covers the history of ASTIN – its achievements / prominent figures.

We wondered if you could help us spread the word about ASTIN in Hungary within the Society of Actuaries and its members. We would really appreciate if the Society could post a short message about ASTIN on the Society’s website with references to our promotional materials. We would also be grateful if the Society could reach out to its members with a short message via email. To help, we have prepared a short communication letter – please see attached the PDF file.