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2020.06.03. Új álláshirdetés (árazó aktuárius – nem élet)

A ’Társaság / Álláshirdetések’ oldalunkra új álláshirdetés került fel. Az oldal elérhető itt.

2020.06.02. Új álláshirdetés (aktuárius)

A ’Társaság / Álláshirdetések’ oldalunkra új álláshirdetés került fel. Az oldal elérhető itt.

2020.05.26. Új álláshirdetések

A ’Társaság / Álláshirdetések’ oldalunkra új álláshirdetések kerültek fel. Az oldal elérhető itt.

2020.05.21. actunews May 2020 / aoc 2020 Call for Presentations / Sections Virtual Colloquium 2020

Find attached the latest issue of our actunews

Call for Presentations – actuview online conference 2020
As one of the next highlights for your members and all actuview users, we will host the actuview online conference 2020 with the theme “future | actuary” on actuview in September 2020. The Call for Presentations is open until 15 June 2020. We would very much welcome your support in making your members, communities and potential speakers aware of this call. Of course, institutional contributions from your associations, committees and affiliated institutions are highly encouraged. All details can be found in the attachment.

Sections Virtual Colloquium 2020
All recordings (including the live sessions) of last week´s Sections Virtual Colloquium 2020 are online.
Members can find the 85 sessions under the following link:

2020.05.12. Data_–_Ethics_–_Actuary_goes_virtual_@_actuview:_Watch_the_complete_conference_programme_online_&_fee_free

Save the date

29/30 June 2020
Data – Ethics – Actuary
Data Science & Data Ethics e-Conference by EAA

All lecturers and keynotes have agreed to hold their presentations online. We also want to thank our sponsors for their ongoing support.

On 29 and 30 June 2020, the first virtual EAA Conference “Data Science & Data Ethics” will be broadcast on the actuview video platform. actuview is the first permanent international media platform for actuaries and offers videos on all subject areas of the actuarial profession.

The programme combines keynote speeches from well-known experts with food for thought and selected talks from professionals through a call for papers.

­ee Free Participation

As a registered user on actuview, the EAA e-Conference can be joined free of charge. All presentations will be published here later.

If you sign up to the event with us in advance, you will also get access to the four exclusive live web sessions of our keynote speakers. These keynote sessions will take place as scheduled in the conference programme and are marked accordingly. The registration is completely free of charge but necessary to get access to our webinar platform for the mentioned keynotes.

As attendance is limited, please register as soon possible using our online booking form

2020.05.08. Új álláshirdetés (Élet aktuárius)

A ’Társaság / Álláshirdetések’ oldalunkra új álláshirdetés került fel. Az oldal elérhető itt.

2020.05.07. actuview | Special actunews on Sections Virtual Colloquium 2020, 11-15 May

We are very pleased that the IAA Sections and the Institut des Actuaires will host the Sections Virtual Colloquium (SVC) 2020 on actuview next week. This online event was created since – like so many other conferences & seminars during this crisis – the actual on-site colloquium in Paris had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

The SVC program will feature 75+ recorded sessions and 7 live webinars (full program). Attached you´ll find the special newsletter we have sent out for promotion yesterday. The registration for the live sessions is free and can be done via the event page; all recorded sessions will published starting from Monday and will then be online available permanently.

2020.05.04. EAA Webinar “Update COVID-19: Medical & Epidemiological Aspects: The Onerous Way out of Lock Down” on 25 June 2020 | 14:00 – 15:30 CEST

Do you want to get an overview of the Corona pandemic with a clear mandate to differentiate facts from emotional, “half-news” or even fake news?
Do you need a guidance for a better understanding of possible implications for insurance industry, particularly life insurance?

If yes, we invite you to join our webinar “Update COVID-19: Medical & Epidemiological Aspects: The Onerous Way out of Lock Down” on 25 June 2020 | 14:00 – 15:30 CEST. The registration fee for the webinar is € 100.00 plus 19 % VAT only.

In many countries the worst now seems to be over or do we face a second more challenging wave? In this webinar, Florian Gomez, Head of Global Methodology (L&H) of PartnerRe, and Achim Regenauer, Chief Medical Officer present the new insights (e.g. reinfection, recovery, lethality, state-of-the-art of vaccines etc.) and scenarios about the further evolvement and tackling this new pandemic.

– Dynamics of infection, and what the first wave tells us
– Linking observed cases and deaths to basic epidemiological models
– How different countries compare to each other in the way the outbreak developed
– Complications of COVID-19
– Immunity, the chameleon. Duration? Reinfection?
– Correct interpretation of CFR, IFR
– Exit strategies – which ones are most promising?
– Cryptic transmission of SARS-CoV2 – a negligible aspect?
– Genomics: how likely we will encounter an aggressive variant
– A dreaded second wave at the horizon, next winter season?

You can find all additional information in this print version as well as on our website where you will find the registration form. An overview on other upcoming events can be downloaded as well.

2020.04.29. Sections Virtual Colloquium 2020

Upcoming virtual section colloquium replaces the previously scheduled IAA Section Colloquium which was to take place in a few weeks in Paris.

The French Institute of Actuaries and the IAA Sections have transformed many of the scheduled talks into live webinars. In addition, over 60 presentations have already been pre-recorded and will be available to access on actuview during the colloquium week.

Again this year, the IAA Sections have partnered with actuview to provide this content to all their members. H

Virtual Colloquium Live Session Flyer

2020.04.27. Új álláshirdetés (Aktuárius)

A ’Társaság / Álláshirdetések’ oldalunkra új álláshirdetés került fel. Az oldal elérhető itt.