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2020.02.03. Invitation to a Course on Risk Management in Insurance at Salzburg University

2020. február 3. Hírek

The Salzburg Institute of Actuarial Studies is pleased to be sending out information for the course on Risk Management in Insurance (Application of Solvency II and new principles in the context of value based and risk oriented management) taking place at Salzburg University from 15th to 18nd April 2020.

The course will spend the first two days focusing on value based and risk oriented management, covering everything from the regulatory framework and the economic balance sheet to state-of-the-art practices and processes in risk management.

A one and a half day workshop will then follow dealing with the challenges faced by the insurance industry today. Participants can work with their own laptops to achieve hands-on solutions.

The course is suited to all those who want to acquire knowledge of risk management in insurance. Due to the updates of Solvency II and the introduction of new standards, the course differs significantly from previous lectures.

For continuing professional development (CPD) the course counts as 21 hours.

Please find the invitation and registration forms attached.