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2020.02.26. Early bird offer: EAA Seminar: “Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance” on 11/12 May 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark

2020. február 26. Hírek

Insurers, and risk managers and actuaries working for them, play a dual role in the cyber insurance industry, offering cyber insurance solutions as well as being exposed to cyber risk in their own organisation.

Explore both roles of the insurer and attend our EAA seminar “Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance” which is organised on 11/12 May 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in co-operation with Den Danske Aktuarforening!

The seminar is developed for risk managers and actuaries working for (non-life) insurers, but will be relevant for anyone involved with cyber risk and/or cyber insurance, such as non-life product managers and brokers. We will consider cyber risk both from the internal enterprise risk perspective as well as in the underwriting domain (pricing, underwriting, reserving).

Various aspects of cyber risk and cyber insurance will be discussed, including current modelling methodologies, risk management approaches and cyber risk treatment. The seminar serves as an introduction to cyber risk and cyber insurance. Given that this is a relatively young field and standardized methodologies are only being developed, we focus on providing the participants with a thorough understanding of current best practices without getting too technical. After attending the seminar, participants will be familiar with the threat, vulnerability and insurance landscapes and will have been provided with ideas how to approach cyber risk in their own organization, with a focus on quantification, people aspects and the process of cyber incident response.

The presentations will form a mix of an explanation of cyber risk concepts and an exploration of technical methodologies. Besides being provided with the theoretical basis, attendees are offered the opportunity to deepen their understanding through examples, exercises and case studies.

The early bird price is € 840.00 plus 25% VAT for registrations by 11 March 2020. Book now to benefit from this attractive offer! After this date, the fee will be € 990.00 plus 25% VAT.

Please find all additional information in this print version and on our website. An overview on other upcoming events can be downloaded as well.